LaTeX Guide


LaTeX is essentially treated as an efficient, neat and effective means of typesetting, where mathematics tends to play a large role in. It is one of the most commonly used typesetting tools in existence, and arguably superior to Word in certain circumstances.

In 2020, MathSoc teamed up with CSESoc to present a LaTeX seminar online. Thanks to Nicholas Berridge-Argent for presenting, and providing the resources here! A recording of the seminar can be found on YouTube here, and below.

Our Education Director in 2019, Rui Tong, compiled an Introduction to LaTeX guide to help many users start off with the software and commands. Although it is intended for introductory means, it was designed to provide as much of the basics as required for generic use as well. The guide can be found here.

Back in 2015, our then-Education director Brenden Trinh presented the first Introductory LaTeX seminar. This seminar covers most of the foundations with LaTeX, demonstrating how to get started and providing a basic view of a typical LaTeX document structure. The files used in the presentation can be found here.

For those looking to get started with LaTeX, check out the CodeCogs Equation Editor, an interactive tool for writing LaTeX from an equation editor.